Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes We Will Dress Out Today - Shirt of the Week!

In honor of our coaches and PE Teachers we have made "Yes We Will Dress Out Today" T-shirt the Shirt of the Week. Every week RockSports puts up for $10.00 and Free Shipping. This week we are getting prepared for back to school a little bit early. I guess it is never to early to be prepared.

We recently got back from the Texas Girls Coaches Association Conference and talked with some of our loyal customers. One of the Coaches said that she loved this shirt. In fact, she bought two of them and said that she would wear one on the first day of school to set the tone for the year. The other she was going to use as a sign in the locker room. That way every time they come to the gym, they know that it is time to release all their worries and focus on their sport.

I'm sure as a coach you get tired of answering the question of whether or not you will dress out. That's like saying to a math teacher - Are we going to add and subtract today. Of course you will, unless you want to run in heals!

If haven't voted yet, please do so today, and help us put together the best selection of T-shirt designs.

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