Thursday, June 26, 2008

Born on the 4th of July...almost - USA Shapes

USA Shapes is the shirt of the week. $10.00 will buy you this awesome shirt with free shipping! Click on the image to the right and choose "pick up" and we will send it to you at no charge, via snail mail. I know it is kind of late, but if you order this shirt on Monday we might be able to get it to you by Thursday the 3rd. That way you can sport your new shirt on the 4th. How is that for a promise!!!

USA Shapes is what we at RockSports call this patriotic design from V....Vaughan. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord...Psalms 33:12 is written below the design on the shirt. The red, white, and blue design is printed on 100% cotton 6.1oz T-shirt.

I was born on the 4th of July - almost. My Birthday is actually on the 5th of July, but we tend to always celebrate it on the 4th. Being born so close to the 4th is probably alot like being born near Christmas. There is the good and bad. I always have fireworks on my birthday and people always come together. What more could you ask for right?

Growing up, I guess I got used to the Summer Festivities and a, I'll admit it - I was a little bit spoiled. On my 15th birthday I learned a valuable lesson on happiness. It was July 5th, 1995 and I was miserable. I thought my family or my friends were going to come over on the 4th and celebrate. When that didn't happen, and the 5th came and went without a big party, festivities, or presents, I was crushed. I know - I was a spoiled brat. On that day, skipping dinner with my family to sulk, I did some reflecting and realized that I have control of my attitude. I also remembered how important it is to take control, when you want something in particular. I vowed that on my birthday I would try to serve others, rather then waiting to be served. After a decade plus of more July 4ths and 5ths this promise has been a guarantee for a sense of self worth and happiness.

This July 4th, as you are making your plans, remember to give back a little. Wake up with anticipation of the amazing impact that you can have on your family and friends. Let the inspiration of the fireworks remind you of the presence and impact that you can have in others lives and that your reward for serving others will be true joy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hold Me I’m a fermata T-shirt

The shirt of the week is Hold Me I’m a Fermata. This cute music t-shirt is available in a variety of print and shirt colors and in sizes YM-Adult 3XL. Order yours at or by clicking on the image. Sizing information is below.
Warning this shirt may cause spontaneous hugging. Random hugging is not always welcomed.

Take this story as an example:
A few weeks ago I was having a really bad day. The night before, I stayed up late grading papers and studying for a midterm for my graduate school classes. Sleep deprived, driving to school after a late start, a squirrel jumped out right in front of my car. Everyone knows I have a fondness for squirrels, so I pulled a Danica Patrick and swerved out of the way in the nick of time. Unfortunately, the hot coffee, that I spent my lunch money on, sprayed all over my car and on me. It would have been really awesome if there was a super slow motion, HD, camera mounted to the inside of my car that could have caught my face contorting as hot liquid magma coffee poured all over my white pants and “Hold me I’m a fermata t-shirt”. But there wasn’t and no one was really able to enjoy the moment, which is sad.
So, being that I am running late, I continued on to school with the plan to tell any nosey students that the stain on my pants was just a floral grunge pattern that they were not sophisticated enough to appreciate. Driving up the parking lot was completely full. I finally find a place at the bottom of the huge hill about two miles away (a little exaggeration). So I looked for a Sherpa to help me with my bags, but I couldn’t find one and I resolved to make it on my own. I walked to the back entrance where the band hall is located, rushing to get to my first period before the class starts, because the parking lot was completely full. To my chagrin the door is locked. Less than thrilled I walked around to the front of the school where the whole community was lined up in front of the school. At this point I am wondering what the world is going on. I looked to the front of the school and it said, “Saturday Town Election – Don’t forget to vote”. Just then, realizing that it was Saturday and that I didn’t need to be at school, a strange man came up and gave me a hug. I froze. I didn’t know what to say or do. He looked down smiled at me and said I read your shirt “Hold me I’m a fermata” and you looked like you needed a hug. I screamed, everyone looked at me, I ran down the hill, jumped in the car, sped home, got some ice cream, and jumped in my bed. I needed to start all over.
Youth (SIZE) - S/6 - 8, M/10 - 12, L/14 - 16
Unisex (CHEST) - S/34 - 36, M/38 - 40, L/42 - 44, XL/46 - 48, XXL/50 - 52, XXXL/54 - 56
Ladies Cut (Size/Body Width/Full Body Length/Sleeve Length) – S/18/25/5.5, M/20/26/5.75, L/22/27/6, XL/24/28/6.25, XXL/26,29/6.5

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RockSports T-shirts and Round Rock Express Baseball

RockSports is proud to be a sponsor of the Round Rock Express and the Corpus Christi Hooks. RockSports holds a special appreciation for the Express because of the positive impact the organization has had on our community.

Not only do the employees at RockSports and Round Rock Screen Printing enjoy the professional relationship with the Express, but we are all huge Express Baseball fans! At any particular home game you will see someone from RockSports at the ballpark. Most likely you will be able to identify them by the RockSports apparel that they are wearing. If you see us at the game be sure to say hello!

Because many of our customers are also fans, RockSports has partnered with the Express to offer one-of-a-kind official licensed Express merchandise. RockSports expertise in design, screen printing and embroidery come together with the Express in some outstanding packages. Check out the exclusive merchandise at Order your gear online and we will ship it to you direct or you can pick it up at our location - 1609 Chisholm Trail; Ste. 400; Round Rock, TX 78681. We hope to see you at the game!

As many of you know, we are really pushing to get the word out about our blog and our online store. Please recruit as many people as possible to our websites and invite them to link back to our websites or this blog. For your efforts I would like to provide this coupon code towards an order online - FANPACK08 - good for a 20% off discount. Also, sign up for our newsletter and promotions on the bottom of our online store at

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do you fear the flute? - You should!

Fear the flute - domination through hyperventilation is the SHIRT OF THE WEEK! $10 will buy you this hilarious shirt and get your free shipping. Click the product image to purchase your shirt now!

Flutes are not just for girls. Some of the most famous flutists are men! But this shirt is not for trumpet players!

I'm not going to lie, I know close to nothing about the flute, flutists, or playing the flute. I would still wear this shirt though. Reading through and taking World Music as an elective in college, I know that the flute or versions of the flute were central to cultures throughout history. Check out some of these cool and funny images of flutes and flutists that I have found (click the picture to go to its source):

found at

Fear the Flute Shirt is available in sizes YM-AXXXL

Youth (SIZE) - S/6 - 8, M/10 - 12, L/14 - 16

Unisex (CHEST) - S/34 - 36, M/38 - 40, L/42 - 44, XL/46 - 48, XXL/50 - 52, XXXL/54 - 56

Monday, June 9, 2008

Glitter Will Brighten Up Anyones Day

Glitter will brighten up anyone's day...or so I'm told. Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, I it seems like I can't get enough of it. The great thing about Glitter is it can't get enough of me either. I put it on one day and three days later it is still on me. No, I am not talking about the amazing piece of cinematography that starred a super famous singer. Glitter is used to enhance appearances, such as fabrics (like t-shirts), cosmetics (like us), glass, plastics, paint, paper, ornaments, or blogs - check this out - Custom Glitter Text Graphics - .

For this week's Shirt of the Week, we are sticking with Cheerleading. Check out this week's shirt, Cheer Swoosh Glitter, at Or just click the picture. For one week only this shirt is $10.00 and Free Shipping. When purchasing your shirt simply choose "pick up from RockSports" and we will mail it to you.

Cheer Swoosh Glitter is one of RockSports best selling T-shirts. You can order it as is, or you can customize your order by calling RockSports directly at 800-3240-5152. For sizing information look here:

Youth (SIZE) - S/6 - 8, M/10 - 12, L/14 - 16

Unisex (CHEST) - S/34 - 36, M/38 - 40, L/42 - 44, XL/46 - 48, XXL/50 - 52, XXXL/54 - 56

Monday, June 2, 2008

During this first week of June, RockSports shirt of the week is Cheer 3D. School is out and that means that it is time for summer camps. For cheerleading summer camps give cheer squads the opportunity to learn new stunts, tumbling moves, and time to mingle with cheerleaders from other schools. It also gives cheerleaders the opportunity to get new gear before football season.

Cheer 3D is a seven color screen printed design. RockSports Special of the week is this shirt at $10.00 with no shipping charges, unless you want it expedited. Check out for more information and to see the whole line of RockSports Cheerleading T-shirts. To order a full outfit - shorts, socks, shirt, or to order this design on baby dolls, give us a call at 1 800 324 5152 or email