Saturday, July 26, 2008

PE Live Smart, Live Strong

After the overwhelming and outstanding vote turnout we have decided to make "PE Live Smart, Live Strong" the shirt of the week. Each week RockSports puts up one shirt for $10.00 and free shipping. This week it is PE Live Smart, Live Strong, which you can see here and purchase it online at

If you couldn't tell, I was joking about the amazing voter turnout. Although the blog was not hot, the same could not be said for RockSports. The summer is heating up as RockSports prepares for back to school. Not only have we traveled all over Texas in July, but we are full swing into the baseball season with the Round Rock Express Baseball Team. August will only be busier as we concentrate on back to school T-shirt printing.

Tune in next week as we provide some recommendations on custom T-shirt ordering and some of the latest trends. As for now, check out our newest PE designs and Coaches designs at

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