Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PE - It's not just a job it's my passion

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P.E. - two letters that can evoke so much fear, passion, excitement. For many, images of rope climbing, sit-ups, and dressing out in to smelly uniforms are brought to mind. For me, it was my favorite subject. I couldn't wait for PE to roll around so that I could show off my soccer skills or play indoor hockey. It was a chance to free my mind of the math homework that was due next period. I guess PE (Physical Education) is one of those things you either love or hate.

As an adult I am seeing Physical Education become a popular topic of debate among parents, teachers, and the media. Whether it is Shaq fighting against childhood obesity, or educators crying for higher academic standards in the core subjects, it is clear that the student's time is desired. I tend to fall into Shaq's corner. One because he's a big dude and I would not want to tangle with a 7'.2" "Big Aristotle". The real reason that I side with the importance of Physical Education in the schools is that I believe that it provides a balanced life. Time in school should reflect a balance between mental, social, emotional, economical, and spiritual aspects of life. Some educators would make the argument that time out side of school should be used for physical activity. To this I would not disagree, just as that time outside of school should be used for mental exercise.

The truth is, that the responsibility, of a balanced life and higher test scores, is ultimately on the shoulders of the parent and the individual student. As teachers we do our best to make an impression on our students; to give them a learning experience that will act as buoy in future trials.

So much more could be said about the topic in a much more eloquent manner. Check out this site - www.americascores.org/index.php?id=390 to see how the US scores in terms of childhood obesity.

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