Wednesday, June 3, 2009

RockSports Garage Sale

RockSports provides custom screen printing and embroidery for small businesses, schools, and sports teams in central Texas. In 2008 RockSports printed over 250,000 garments. From time to time RockSports will stock popular garment styles and occasionally, after ordering our blank apparel, our customers will change there minds, which leads to excess blank apparel inventory. Over the past few years we have accumulated quite a bit of extra inventory. This month we decided to do our small part in stimulating the local economy by providing the MOTHER OF ALL GARAGE SALES!

When - June 26 & 27
Where - RockSports NW

(Our RockSports NW location offers screen printing and embroidery services to Cedar Park and Leander, TX.)

All blank apparel in our store will be sold at $2.00. We will have thousands of garments and hundreds of styles to choose from. Our RockSports NW location will be lined with boxes, organized by size, for customers to rummage through and find the perfect items. Our suggestion is to come early!

Here are a few examples of the blank apparel items that will be available.

Assorted Ladies Apparel

Girls Camo Tees

French Terry Drawstring bags

Outside stitched girls v-neck t-shirt

Assorted girls shorts

Blank Sports Shirts

Pigment Died Shirts

Assorted Tank Tops and much, MUCH more...

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