Thursday, April 16, 2009

RockSports Northwest - Construction Phase

As part of introducing our new location, RockSports Northwest, we thought we would give all of our readers a day by day recap of our construction efforts.

Day 1: Get the keys, take pictures and get ready for day 2!

The biggest criteria, in moving into a second RockSports, was location. We need a great location for our current customers like Westwood High School, Cedar Park High School, Leander ISD, Texas Stars, etc and for new customers. Parkline Shopping center is very easy to get to from 620 and 183. We decided to take an existing space so that we could move in quickly and set up our new showroom.

Here are some of the before pictures:

That's us, Next to the QuiznosSub, where you see the blue letters.

The view from the front door.

The view from behind the counter display and wall.

John Payton stands in the front of the "AS IS" storefront.

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