Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fire Sale!

Recently a fire fighter friend of RockSports ordered some T-shirts for his fire station. In passing, he suggested that we visit the other fire stations in town to offer our artwork, screen printing, and embroidery services. What a great idea! In fact, why not try to personally visit every fire station in Central Texas. Why not do it in one week. Why not hit all of Austin in a 24 hour period. The challenge was set.

In a 24 hour period Stephen Pugh of RockSports will attempt to visit every fire station in Austin (44) to talk briefly about our services and to offer our special fire fighter pricing. Monday is the big day. Do you think he will make it?

Follow along on his progress by following us on twitter. He will be marking his progress along the way. We wish you the best of luck Stephen!

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