Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing the RockYard - Rock Bottom Prices on RockSports T-shirts

RockSports is proud to present the RockYard. The RockYard, www.rockyardtees.com, is where you can find outrageous prices on our discontinued graphic tees. RockSports is retiring some of our older designs to the RockYard so that we can make room for new designs. That means we are offering outstanding deals on individual tees or you have the option to buy the entire lot.

What's a lot? The Lot is different for each design. We are moving our existing stock to make room for new designed tees. Buying the Lot means that you would like to buy the entire inventory for that particular design. If you buy the lot, you will receive an additional discount of the already ridiculously low price. To find out how many pieces are in the lot, simply click on "buy the lot" and you can see the current inventory. We will do our best to keep the inventory as close to "real time" as possible.

The following is an example of some of the designs that we are beginning to phase out.

Yes, the price is right on this graphic! Remember to go to RockSports for all of your custom screen printing and embroidery in and around the Austin area.

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