Friday, June 20, 2008

Hold Me I’m a fermata T-shirt

The shirt of the week is Hold Me I’m a Fermata. This cute music t-shirt is available in a variety of print and shirt colors and in sizes YM-Adult 3XL. Order yours at or by clicking on the image. Sizing information is below.
Warning this shirt may cause spontaneous hugging. Random hugging is not always welcomed.

Take this story as an example:
A few weeks ago I was having a really bad day. The night before, I stayed up late grading papers and studying for a midterm for my graduate school classes. Sleep deprived, driving to school after a late start, a squirrel jumped out right in front of my car. Everyone knows I have a fondness for squirrels, so I pulled a Danica Patrick and swerved out of the way in the nick of time. Unfortunately, the hot coffee, that I spent my lunch money on, sprayed all over my car and on me. It would have been really awesome if there was a super slow motion, HD, camera mounted to the inside of my car that could have caught my face contorting as hot liquid magma coffee poured all over my white pants and “Hold me I’m a fermata t-shirt”. But there wasn’t and no one was really able to enjoy the moment, which is sad.
So, being that I am running late, I continued on to school with the plan to tell any nosey students that the stain on my pants was just a floral grunge pattern that they were not sophisticated enough to appreciate. Driving up the parking lot was completely full. I finally find a place at the bottom of the huge hill about two miles away (a little exaggeration). So I looked for a Sherpa to help me with my bags, but I couldn’t find one and I resolved to make it on my own. I walked to the back entrance where the band hall is located, rushing to get to my first period before the class starts, because the parking lot was completely full. To my chagrin the door is locked. Less than thrilled I walked around to the front of the school where the whole community was lined up in front of the school. At this point I am wondering what the world is going on. I looked to the front of the school and it said, “Saturday Town Election – Don’t forget to vote”. Just then, realizing that it was Saturday and that I didn’t need to be at school, a strange man came up and gave me a hug. I froze. I didn’t know what to say or do. He looked down smiled at me and said I read your shirt “Hold me I’m a fermata” and you looked like you needed a hug. I screamed, everyone looked at me, I ran down the hill, jumped in the car, sped home, got some ice cream, and jumped in my bed. I needed to start all over.
Youth (SIZE) - S/6 - 8, M/10 - 12, L/14 - 16
Unisex (CHEST) - S/34 - 36, M/38 - 40, L/42 - 44, XL/46 - 48, XXL/50 - 52, XXXL/54 - 56
Ladies Cut (Size/Body Width/Full Body Length/Sleeve Length) – S/18/25/5.5, M/20/26/5.75, L/22/27/6, XL/24/28/6.25, XXL/26,29/6.5

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